Celebrating 3 months anniversary with my lovely wife 🥰

Food was what you would expect from Michelin Starred Chef owned restaurant, hence the gratifying atmosphere it exudes. Started with the appetizer Arnold Bennett twice baked soufflé; one might think how on earth this simple looking dish had such depth and leaves you wanting for more bites after each one. My wife and I was absolutely overwhelmed.

World famous Beef Wellington, cooked to medium well and paired with the sauce sans alky — is the main star of the night. The flaky pastry is baked to crispy texture that goes well with the inner coating mushroom duxelles that explode in umami taste in your mouth. You can practically hear the symphony played as your taste palette is blessed by this next level menu. If I must say, the portion is generous enough to be shared by two people.

The next main was Atlantic Cod, baked on top of light creamy sauce and served with scallops. It is refreshing taste that counters well with the BW. Alternate bites keep you satisfied and prevents the ‘jelak’ feeling due to the rich flavour profile from the first main. But, it falls below my expectation a bit. Maybe this fish is rather better in fish and chips format perhaps.

Ending the wonderful night was the simple looking dessert. One might think, it’s just your ordinary nutella tart with a scoop of gelato. To me and my wife’s surprise, the chocolate was so silky and potent; the bitterness caught me offguard. When eaten together with the other 3 components, you will get a combination of exquisite bitterness, mild sweetness, slight sourness together that I can best describe as a wild ride. Kudos to the legend for coming up with this signature treat!

Sadly, didn’t get to meet the man himself. Wanna hear the famous quote “Where’s the lamb sauce??” 😂

Overall, I would recommend anyone to have a go at this eatery to experience culinary delights that is worth going. Regarding the status, I have confirmed that the meat is sourced from halal supplier and the sauce has faux alky substitute.

4.9/5 for me