To the youngster outside,

Please get involve in stock market as soon as possible. Get involved with it as young as possible. Don’t wait until you have the financial stability to start. Don’t spend your money with unnecessary stuff. Plan for your future. Empower your own mindset and get more knowledge.

Never afraid of losing anything because you have nothing to lose. You guys are still young. You can afford the pain of lose. You have not much burden during your young age.

Your capital might be small, as a result you have small capital to lose instead of huge capital. Loss is not scary at all, but not knowing why you make loss is scariest. Nothing can be done in first trial. Don’t expect you can be successful in first trial. You might need to keep on trying until you found a suitable way to earn money in stock market. Stock market require patience and experience.

I have seen many give up on stock market. Many can’t afford and scared to lose their hard earn money. If you are one of them, I advice you to put your money in fixed deposit.

My goal and dream is to get more youngsters to understand what stock market is. Stock market is for everyone. Not for the rich only. Stock market won’t go up because you are clever in studies or hardworking in work.

Logic and common sense won’t apply in stock market. A very good example happened this year. GLCs with superb good fundamental still limit down few times. The stock is considered as god of stock because it goes up continously for 4 / 5 years. So in stock market, prepare for the unexpected.

For youngsters, start your savings earlier. Be brave and plan for your future. Think far for your loved one and family.

Start young is good because wealth required time to grow. Thats why people said rich people become richer while the poor one become poorer.

Don’t worry if you have zero knowledge in stock market. I have known many of them who have zero knowledge in fundamental but yet they become successful millionaire. However, equipping yourself with knowledge is to reduce the risk you might face in stock market. Doesn’t mean you can be sure to win. Last but not least, get ready with it during your young time. You will never forget what I said today to you guys. Don’t spend your hard earn money on luxury stuff.